Realisation of an electronic document management in the production area

RatiopharmCompany size: approx. 700 employees

Branch: Chemistry, pharmaceuticals

Country: Germany (Ulm)

Challenge: electronic strorage of all required documents of a batch documentation, and implementation of a decentralised scanner solution

Used modules for the realisation of the solution: biz²Scanner

Concerning departments: Production

Project description: To be able to store all required paper documents of a batch documentation without a manual paper storage or a completeness check, a decentralised scanner solution should be implemented. To realise that, Ratiopharm chose inPuncto as their IT partner. The SAP-integrated scanner solution biz²Scanner now works as a registration component of incoming paper receipt. The lean add-on offers a direct and quick possibility to register documents with a simple scanner. With the usage of the standard TWAIN interface, a support for the smallest device as well as for high end products can be offered. The SAP-integrated scanner solution by inPuncto is being used for scanning production documents, sending them to a PDF/A converter and for importing them into the electronic batch protocol.

Usage: Space gain due to no manual paper storage, time gain due to no manual completeness check, electronic batch protocol, higher transparency

Company description: The history of Ratiopharm goes back to the 19th century: In 1881, Ratiopharm was founded in Böhmen (Austria) by Adolf Merckel as wholesale for chemical and pharmaceutical raw material called “Adolf Merckle, Chemikalien en gros”. In 1973 ratiopharm GmbH was founded in Ulm as the first german generic drugs company. The pharmaceutical assortment covers nearly all application areas and is one of the biggest and extensive ones in the German market. Since 2010, Ratiopharm is part of the pharmaceutical group Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., the world market leader of generic drugs companies.

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