Enercity – Stadtwerke Hannover

Realisation of an archiving solution for a safe encoding of SAP documents

Enercity_LogoCompany size: 2 500 employees

Branch: energy and water supply

Country: Germany (Hannover)

Challenge: save encoding of archived SAP documents

Used modules for the realisation of the solution: biz²CryptoServer

Concerning departments: all

Project description: With the encoding techniques by inPuncto, Stadtwerke Hannover now has a save archiving solution. An encoding module now ensures additional safety in SAP. This encoding module by inPuncto encodes SAP documents – which are being saved in a content server – so safely, that neither an external access nor a restoration of documents through third parties could be possible.

Usage: Thanks to the lean add-on, the document of Enercity are stored safely and protected maximally.

Company description: In 1891, the first municipal power plant in Hannover was put into operation. Today, the Stadtwerke Hannover AG is one of the biggest municipal energy suppliers in Germany, and offers electricity, water, heat and gas for more that 700 000 people in Hannover. The company also offers local and  trans-regional services and supplies in the key account area.

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