Your Checklist: Archiving concepts in SAP conformable to law

CHECKLIST: Which aspects do you have to consider at the electronic archiving?

  • Gapless capture,
  • Finished business transactions,
  • Unchangeable archiving,
  • Deletion only after test of completeness.
  • Contentual <=> figurative,
  • Original format,
  • Colors relevant,
  • Netto-imaging.
  • Concept for the storage time,
  • No prematurely deletion.
  • Completeness and according to statutory requirements,
  • Meaningful index values,
  • Retrieval techniques,
  • Electronic output and export,
  • Migration without information loss,
  • Changes only at copies,
  • Procedure documentation.
  • Protocoling of the procedure,
  • Physical and logical access controls,
  • Backups,
  • Control of readability.
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