July 19th 2010: a new version of the biz²ScanServer with lots of new features

A barcode library was implemented in the new version 2.6.50 of the biz²ScanServers.

With it the recognition rate could be improved. With the integration of file caching it is now possible to have access to data, even from locations with a poor bandwidth.

The new features are:

Entry formats:

  • PDF  – PDF documents can be processed for all biz²ScanServer scenarios
  • IDOC can be read directly

Image processing:

  • The integration of a new image processing library ensures better results regarding quality and speed.
  • Further image processing options and functions available (whitedespeckle, erode and dskew)

Barcode recognition:

  • Improvment of the barcode recognition rate with the new barcode library


  • Imporved integration of the mailing basic library ensures a smoth mailing process


  • Processing of extremely big Vendorlist files
  • Improved configuration options for the Vendorlist download
  • Extended tracing allows the insight of WAF files

biz²BusinessSuite FileCaching:

  • The integration of file caching allows the access to data even from locations with a poor bandwidth

If you have any questions about the new features of biz²ScanServer, our support team will be pleased to help.