Inbox processing server biz²ScanServer: new version 2.6.68


inPuncto biz² ScanServer with UpdateThere´s a new version 2.6.68 for our inbox processing server biz²ScanServer, that offers more flexibility and convenience with its new features


  • Improvement of the FilePolling due to the integration of the new biz²FilePoller-element: with this element more files can be imported at the same time (e.g. a PDF document and an XML file with invoice data).


  • The possibiliy of importing original income EML of invoices, that has been sent to the biz²ScanServer via Mail, in SAP Die Möglichkeit, meaning: the PDF invoice including the email will be archived and linked to the booked SAP receipt via ArchiveLink
  • You can switch in between the different sitemaps within one scenario.
  • The possibility of the determination of a certain number of pages, that should be read by the OCR. The remaining pages will not be considered by the OCR.
  • biz²OCRFront – the Tool, that help analyse OCR results faster, can be used to analyse our OCR.

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