Certification of our SAP-ECM- Software for Germany, Austria and Switzerland


 inPuncto Software with certificationOur ECM software for SAP has, fulfilling several auditing standards, been successfully certified under observance of the generally accepted accounting principles in Germany, Austria and Switzerland! 

The audit focused on the software engineering process of biz²ECM-Suite and the certification was performed by dipl.-business economist (FH) Andreas Storck (Audit Coach consulting).


For evaluation of our SAP-ECM software, the following requirements were reviewed:

  • IDW PS 880 „the testing of software products“ of 11.03.2010, section 4.3. (evalutation of the software engineering process)
  • Swiss evaluation standard (PS) 870 „software testing“ of Swiss chamber of public accountants and tax experts, Tz. 52-61, the „principles for orderly management and storage of books, documentations and records in electronic form, as well as data access“ (GoBD), section 10.1 process documentation, Tz. 153-155
  • Norm ISO/IEC 27001:2013-10 „information security management systems – requirements“ annex A, A. 14.2
  •  §§ 131/132 of the Austrian country fiscal code (BAO)
  • Decree of the Austrian BMF „provision of data on data carriers“ according to §§ 132 and 132 BAO of 03.07.2000
  • Decree of the Austrian BMF „provision of data on data carriers“ according to §§ 132 and 132 BAO (addition to BMF 03.07.2000, 02 2251/3-IV/2/00) of 20.03.2009
  • Expert opinion KFS/DV 1 of the Professional Committee of data processing of the chamber of economy trustees for regularities of IT-bookkeeping, sections 5.2 IT-controlled environment and 5.3.2 procurement, development and maintenance of systems.

In the course of the certification of the ECM-Software, it was also ensured that documents are stored according to the requirements, that the process described in the documentation fully equals the process applied in practice that legal retention periods are always met and that documents can be viewed and reproduced at any time.

Another part of the certification for observance of orderly bookkeeping principles was to make sure that the ECM software provides all the required functionalities for the respective business processes.

Our inPuncto ECM software biz²ECM-Suite fulfills all these requirements for software engineering and was successfully certified pursuant to audition standards for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.