Competent SAP-ILM consulting meets modern archiving technology

Competent SAP-ILM consulting meets modern archiving technologyNew partnership between SAP product house inPuncto and transformation consultant natuvion combines competencies in SAP-ILM archiving technology & consulting

The GDPR-compliant handling of personal data has become a central issue for many companies. It is particularly important to implement the criteria and rules in SAP in such a way that all regulatory requirements are fully met. For example, deletion and access-restriction processes for personal data must be defined and operationalized — realities which many companies with complex IT structures often find challenging.

For the deletion of personal data in SAP, the implementation of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) is recommended. ILM enables centralized, rule-based management of all retention periods for SAP documents and data. Of course, efficient technical implementation of a deletion and retention concept depends heavily on competent and tailored consulting. In the future, the new partnership will enable the holistic implementation of data protection management projects in SAP, from conception to implementation. inPuncto provides the modern technology and Natuvion the extensive experience in data protection management.

For inPuncto, the impressive number of successful SAP-ILM projects made Natuvion the partner of choice. Thanks to inPuncto’s archiving tool, which is user-friendly and fully-integrated with SAP S/4HANA®, today’s technical and legal requirements for data and document-archiving in SAP are completely met. The solution is certified by SAP.

About natuvion
Natuvion is a digital moving company. Our team does not move tables, filing cabinets or chairs. Natuvion moves business-critical data and processes from one technology platform to another. Typical Natuvion “relocation services” include data migration, data transformation, data integration, data protection, data security and data quality. Natuvion experts are supported in data transformation by the Data Conversion Server (DCS), a powerful software solution developed in-house. Natuvion is a founding member of the SAP S/4HANA Selective Data Transition Engagement Community. Natuvion Group (Inc. 5000 and FT 1000 listed) is one of the fastest growing software and IT consulting companies in Europe.

If you have any questions about SAP ILM implementation, interested parties can contact inPuncto Team at any time.