Video tutorials for our SAP add-ons

With our video tutorials you can gain an impression of our add-on software for SAP

Our video tutorials show you, how our software for the document management works, how it simplifies your day-to-day-work and how its being used. With our tutorials you can not only get a comprehensive overview of our products, but also see, how certain add-on solutions for SAP work and how they look like.

Besides demos about additional programs (e.g. electronic invoice processing, electronic personnel file and archiving) our tutorial offer includes webinars about specific solutions (e.g. optimisation of the OCR text recognition with a practise module, error recognition of scanned invoices, document creation, MS-Office and email in SAP). We also offer video tutorials about general SAP issues, like the SAP GUI settings from version 7.20 and absence management in the SAP workflow.

Of course we filmed further video tutorials and explanatory videos for you, e.g. about document capture, workflow management, eFile and archiving! Just take a look at our SAP video channel and subscribe, so you will not miss any new video!

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Invoice Management for SAP

Easy way for automated processing of invoices in SAP with purchase order

Invoices without purchase order

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SAP MS office integration & email

Transfer email & attachment from Outlook into SAP with inPuncto biz²Office

Synchronize SAP master data in MS Word document using template – inPuncto biz²OfficeSynchronizer

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Workflow management for SAP

Invoice receipt ledger | Complete transparency for your invoices

Workflow management for SAP

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SAP scanning & archiving

Simple way for automated scanning & archiving incoming invoices with barcodes

SAP-scanning | simplify your process with biz²Scanner

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Automatic processing of incoming mail

Automatic processing of incoming mail

Electronic invoices | automated processing of email invoices in SAP

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