Document-browser visualizer for SAP

The SAP add-on for the visualization of electronic files

Document browser: gain an overview over documents of business objects directly in SAPBased on the basic philosophy of inPuncto – SAP is the leading system – all business relevant objects, their dependencies as well as their shortcuts to documents are managed in this ERP system.

When speaking about “electronic files” in SAP, we mean a defined view of an object, its dependencies resp. the visualization of an object as well as its dependencies and corresponding documents viewed as a structure tree. In addition to “structures“ of electronic files, thumbnails and the format specific viewer for the documents are certainly considered.

With the inPuncto visualizer or the SAP add-on document-browser biz²Explorer electronic file structures can be shown as “eFile” directly in SAP, similar to the Microsoft Explorer. And this without SAP Records Management!

How does the SAP document-browser work?

Here you can download a PDF file with detailed information about the visualization of electronic files with the biz²Explorer: Visualizer of file structures – document-browser in SAP

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inPuncto biz²Explorer for the
visualization of electronic files

inPuncto biz²Explorer for the visualization of electronic files


The benefits of the SAP add-on for the visualization of electronic files by inPuncto

  • Fast document overview instead of countless bounds in the transactions of the SAP system.
  • Office documents and e-mails can be deposited directly via SAP Office & e-mail integration biz²Office in the file and are visible in the document-browser.
  • The file structure in the document-browser – meaning the view of an object and its structures (shown as tree structure) – corresponds with your desired definition.
  • In case of TIFF or PDF files the solution works with two templates, that means the integration of text views, Acrobat Reader, DIR data viewer, biz²Viewer (view of diverse pixel formats) is realised.
  • The inPuncto add-on biz²Explorer is a slim “eFile”-visualizer or document-browser.
  • Definition of different file structures.
  • Authorization topics are managed and displayed in SAP.
  • Through different performance programmings, a very large file can also be operated.

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Compliance requirements and audit-security for your document-related processes with inPuncto ECM software

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