Eine Akte bietet die Möglichkeit für die strukturierte Zusammenfassung von Informationen, die sich auf einem Geschäftsprozess oder auf einem Geschäftsobjekt beziehen.

Records Management

Structured summary of all information objects of a business process in one view: the e-file/record. Here inPuncto supports SAP with its products biz²Scanner and biz²ScanServer.

Records Structure

The records structure is a computer science term that concerns storing, organizing and managing electronic data and documents. A structure results from the certain arrangement and interconnection of the data. The structure facilitates the access and management of the...


Replication is a term in the computer science. It means the use of redundant resources to improve reliability, fault-tolerance, or performance. The same data are stored parallel on several locations (Servers) and by altering the data source they are usually...


Repository is a storage place for structured storing of data. It differs from an archive in the structured manner of the stored data. An archive organizes only historical documents. Another term for a repository is digital library. It is a library in which collections...