Incoming Invoice (Source: SAP Library)

Incoming Invoice is a term in the invoice verification context, concerns the receipt of a creditor. The following sources of incoming invoices occur in the SAP system: • Incoming invoices concerning purchase order • Incoming invoices concerning goods receipt •...

Integration / to integrate

In the context of the informatics, especially in the area of software engineering the term describes the logical interconnection of different applications.

Invoice Manager for SAP

The Invoice Manager for SAP is a system, which scans invoices as images, automatically extracts invoice data out of the image (OCR optionally with barcode, full-text extraction) and transfers it to SAP (e.g. in a SAP archive respectively to TREX as a SAP full-text...

Invoice Processing

(Automated) Invoice processing or also digital invoice processing is a process of the automated input, recording, handling and archiving of data from paper-based documents of different kind- e.g. invoices.

Invoice Receipt Book

In the context of SAP one understands an invoice receipt book as a collective term for the electronic processing of all incoming invoices in a system.