EAI-Viewer is a tool, which is provided by SAP, with which original files of a document information record can be visualized company-wide.


An eMail is a message or news in digital form that is delivered via World Wide Web, via local network or a mailbox.

Engineering Data Management (EDM)

EDM is a short for “Engineering Data Management”. With EDM systems engineering data is managed during its entire life cycle. Thus EDM basically corresponds to the PDM (product data management).

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) includes the technologies of capturing, managing, archiving and supplying the content of documents and this way ECM supports the organisational enterprise processes. It is a general term for describing products, solutions, markets...

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Short for “Enterprise Resource Planning”, trans-sectoral standard software for the control and optimization of business processes. Examples: SAP, Baan, Brain, etc.