Data base system

A data base system (DBS) is a system for the electronic data management. The main purpose by using a data base is to store efficiently, uncontroversial and permanent big amounts of data. Further more a data base should grant that the different sub-sets are supported...

Data carrier

Media, on which documents and other data are recorded in encoded form and are stored for a later availability. Data carriers are classified as belongings to various data carrier types by their properties.

Data carrier type

Group of data carriers, on which original files are stored, according to their technical properties. The data carrier type has an important control function in the transfer of original files. You can for example enter a path for the processing of an archived original...

Data Export

Data Export terms the converting of a file from an application internal format into an application external format. It implicates conducting the file to another application programm. Most of the software applications include an export-, import function.