The generic Object Services offer functions that are available in various SAP applications. Business Objects can be edited with these functions. For example, objects can be sent and notes can be entered for an object.
The functions are always called and used in the same way in order to keep the learning burden for end users low. The object services only need to know that the object in question exists.

All object services are available in a function list (toolbox) in which different functions are offered. Some of them are:

• Entry of personal or general notes for an object
• Creation of attachments to an object
• Creation of relationships between an object and documents that are in the optical archive or that are subsequently scanned in and stored.
• Starts a workflow for an object
• Display of an overview of all workflows, where an object is involved
• Display of an overview of all business objects that are linked to an object
• Sending of an object as an attachment of a message